Teachers from New South Wales on Strike earlier this Year Teachers from New South Wales, Australia are to strike next week in support of their charter: 'Putting Students First'. The teachers are to stop work for 24 hours on June 27th to press the government to accede to the demands in their charter, which include guaranteeing that there should be no decrease in permanent and specialist teaching posts. The New South Wales government is planning to deveolve more power to schools, giving heads sweeping powers to hire staff and control budgets. President of the Teachers' Federation, Maurie Mulheron told the Sydney Morning Herald: "All we're asking is for the current levels of staffing and resources. (The government) bring the accountants in, lock the profession out and they use dollars as the determinant to staff our schools not student learning needs." The NSW government has unilaterally decided to scrap 10,000 education positions, including support for children with English as an Addtional Language, library services and support for new teachers. The new moves are likely also to lead to casualisation of the teaching profession as heads appoint teachers on a temporary basis in order to save money. To read more about the background to this fight in NSW go to: http://www.nswtf.org.au/news/2012/06/19/putting-students-first-charter.html