Parents and Teachers on the Picket Line at Redhill School Teachers at a school in England are undertaking a series of strikes against 'academy' status Parents joined teachers on the picket line outside Redhill School. They are fighting moves to turn the school into a so-called academy - similar to a charter school in the US. Academies were started under the last Labour government and have been taken up by the present right wing coalition as a means of breaking up local accountabililty and brining in privatisation by stealth. Many primary and secondary schools are being forced to become academies - against the wishes of teachers, parents and communities and put in the hands of charities, churches or  private companies or their corporate responsibility arms. ARK is a typical example, whichwas founded by hedge fund managers or the Harris federation - named after a carpet millionaire and conservative party donor.  Redhill school, near Birmingham, where teachers' union NAS/UWT members are on strike this week, is the latest in a series of determined campaigns against this policy, Connaught school in London is also in the middle of a strike and lobbying campaign against similar moves and primary school Downhills became a cause celebre in its fight against the change. The Anti-Academies Alliance co-ordinates news and action in defence of locally accountable schools in England. Visit its website here.