Teachers and Supporters demonstrating in Haiti in September Teachers in New York have sent a message of solidarity to their colleagues in Haiti, whose two day strike has been delayed by Hurricane Sandy Teachers in Haiti - working in appalling conditions as a result of the earthquake, and often for no pay have called for international solidarity for their action. The following letter was copied to us today and we reprint it in full - both as an example of international solidarity and because it gives an update on the situation in Haiti:
To the Executive Committee of the The National Union of Normaliens of Haiti (UNNOH)
Josue Merilien, General Secretary of UNNOH
Jean Willy Belfleur, Secretary of Information Mona Bernadel, 313, Rue Joseph Janvier, Port-unnohhaiti@yahoo.fr New York City, November 12, 2012 Dear Brothers and Sisters, We in MORE, the Movement of Rank and File Educators, the Social Justice Caucus of the UFT, wish to extend the hand of solidarity and friendship to you all. We want you to know of our fraternal support for your demands. We understand that you were obliged to reschedule the job action to the 12 and 13th because of Hurricane Sandy, which we understand caused a great deal of damage. We sympathize with our friends in Haiti and point out to you that Sandy devastated large numbers of people in our Metropolitan region. We in NYC, members of the largest teachers union local in the United States pledge our support, philosophical and in the limited way we can, financial, to that great and noble cause of "International Solidarity." We are a Social Justice Caucus and we hope to learn from your struggle how to combine the fight for improved working conditions and salaries with the broader issues. You have, through connecting the just economic demands of teachers and workers, to the need for the expansion of free public education in Haiti, the provision of healthy food to school cafeterias and especially by demanding the inoculation of school children against the cholera bacteria and government development of a sanitary water treatment system, lit the way for people everywhere as we journey on the long and rocky road to obtaining social justice for working-class people. Allons-Y! Fraternally: MORE, Movement of Rank and File Educators