nz-teachers.jpg  New Zealand Teachers demonstrating last Week New Zealand secondary teachers are to take more strike action this term in pursuit of their pay claim and a limit on class sizes Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) leader Kate Gainsford told the website "It's very obvious that not the priority that business is for this government, there's a lot of rhetoric but when it comes to action and real commitments they're pretty thin on the ground." There will be eight strike days when certain school years will be sent home and teachers will also refuse to come to meetings after 5pm and will not go into school at weekends or in the holidays. Last week teachers marched on parliament chanting: "Quality education under attack! Stand up fight back!" On their website, the PPTA make clear that the fight is not just about pay but about issues such as oversized classes and unsafe classrooms although salaries are also a problem with teachers leaving the profession or leaving for Australia where salaries are somewhat better. New Zealand teachers are paid 17% below the average for OECD countries. For more information about the action in New Zealand go to: