School students are occupying the offices of the schools superintendent in Newark, New Jersey in the US. They are calling for the resignation of Cami Anderson, who, students say, has consistently ignored the voices of parents, students and communities and undermined democracy. Anderson, who was appointed by state governor Christie, has pushed through the so-called One Newark Plan, which is running down and closing community public schools and replacing them with semi-privatised charter schools.

The students attended a board meeting in the education offices and then, after stating their case and as it went on downstairs, they walked up through the building and took over Anderson's office, demanding that she meet with them.  The first reaction of the administration was to insist angrily that they leave, but as they became conscious of the degree of organisation of the students and the fact that they had set up a live media feed from the occupation, they became more conciliatory. However as I write, almost 24 hours after the beginning of the occupation, Cami Anderson has yet to appear to listen to the students.

As well as campaigning for public education and against the privatisation of shools, the students are also challenging the so-called PARCC standardised tests which are being rolled out in the district. The tests are being developed by the giant education corporation Pearson, as the students say to parents on their website: 'Should our children be used merely as test subjects for this exam? Or should we take a stand? Certainly, the latter is more appropriate; to stand up for your constitutional right to be in control of YOUR children's education, not economists who are seeking more money for Pearson.

The students have garnered a great deal of support, not least from several board members who expressed their solidarity on the live-feed. As one commentator put it: 'The student occupation of Anderson’s office was more than just a bold act by some of the city’s most talented students–it also was a reminder that the adults who are supposed to be leaders have been helpless in preventing Anderson from being re-appointed to another year as superintendent.'

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