A previous Teacher Strike in Nigeria Primary teachers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) province of Nigeria are on strike The teachers are owed 32 months arrears in allowances and the state government has yet to award the revised salary scheme to primary teachers - even though all other departments of the civil service have received it. The Chairman of the FCT chapter of the Nigerian Union of Teachers told  Leadership newspaper, "The union showed understanding with the authority and pacified its members to be patient with the hope that the monetization arrears would be realized before staging a comeback to demand for the rent arrears, but the FCTA authorities failed to prevent further accumulation of other arrears on the already existing prolonged demands". Meanwhile in the teeth of the strike, the FCT authorities have started employing new teachers. Interestingly, one teacher who had been taken on,  told the Daily Trust:  "I have been working in the private sector and it has not been easy. They will overwork and exploit you for a very little amount of salary. It is a better option for me." So despite the appallingly low wages in the public sector, conditions in the private sector are even worse. This bears out the words of right wing education scholar James Tooley who notes approvingly:  “My recent research has shown that between 65 and 75 per cent of children in the poorest slums in Africa and India are now in private schools. .. with teachers paid a fraction of the unionised rates." Meanwhile many teachers in the public sector in Nigeria are still not getting the small rises on their low pay which have been promised them. Readers of this site will know that this is an ongoing fight in Nigeria and that teachers there have shown tremendous determination in fighting again and again for fair pay. Now it seems as though the government of FCT is attempting to bring in other labour to do their work.