A Nursery Class in Nigeria Another group of primary teachers in Nigeria has to resort to strike action to get paid at all Teachers in the Akwa Ibom State have not been paid for two months and even when they are paid they are not getting the state minimum wage of approximately $118 a month. So their union the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) is calling them out on idefinite strike until the situation is resolved. Only two months ago we reported that teachers in the Kogi state of Nigeria were on strike with a similar problem. Meanwhile teachers in South Darfur Sudan have also been taking strike action for unpaid wages and in Mizoram, India, the Times of India reports: Education minister Lalsawta today told the state assembly that 4,835 teachers from 541 schools, drawing salaries from the state plan did not receive salaries.Replying to a query from C Ramhluna of the opposition Mizo National Front (MNF), Lalsawta said that the teachers could not draw their salaries as adequate allocation for salaries was not allotted in the plan allocation. The failure to pay teachers properly or in too many cases at all is something which is largely irgnored by international agencies like the World Bank, which  in its document Making Schools Work, puts the blame almost entirely on teachers  for the lack of progress in achieveing Education For All. It seems to this website bizarre to imagine that any school or education system could function properly when its teachers are paid starvation wages and sometimes not even that.