Protest against Poverty Wages in Plateau State Teachers in Plateau state in Nigeria are still on strike for the minimum wage The teachers have been on strike for seven months in pursuit of their claim for the national minimum wage - about $114 a month. At present the offer on the table is a 5% rise which does not meet the claim. The teachers have been joined by other municipal workers who are also being paid less than the minimum wage. Teachers in other parts of Nigeria have also had to strike to receive the minimum wage this year - a stiuation which is typical for teachers in the Global South, who are commonly paid less than other public sector workers, including police and much less than other professions. It is frequently diffiult for teachers to subsist on the salaries they are paid and sometimes they are not paid at all. This is a situation which is routinely ignored or glossed over by organisations like the World Bank who purport to think that education is the key to solving poverty, yet expect teachers to provide it under intolerable conditions and poverty wages. Meanwhile the only recourse teachers have is to strike as they are doing in Plateau State.