students-mobilize.jpg  Students marching in support of their teachers Academic staff at public universities in Nigeria are on strike to defend collective bargaining and open access to higher education The teachers are members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). They are striking to oppose the goernment's imposition of a pay increase which has not been agreed through collecitve bargaining and in any event is not guaranteed to be paid by different states of Nigeria. They are also pursuing their long running fight to defend public education in Nigeria in particular in the higher education sector. The government has been trying to introduce deregulation of the university system and to introduce high tuition fees for students which would mean that a university education would only be available to the rich. The students' organisations are supporting the stand of their teachers. A students' pressure group the Educational Rights Campaign stated: “The fact that education is not free and parents as guardians pay enormous and sometimes outrageous fees make the loss of Nigerian students immeasurable and a double jeopardy as value is not got from money paid for education. “We shall organize protests and demonstration nationwide in solidarity with the striking lecturers until Federal Government meets the demands of ASUU”. ASUU co-ordinator Dr Abdullahi Baffa said: "We would not allow those who by accident of history found themselves in public offices to make education non – affordable to our youths… if government is allowed to abandon its responsibilities of funding education in this country, who will take up that responsibility? Students? Parents? Who? ASUU will never allow any government to increase tuition fees in universities.”