Demonstration in Northern Cyrpus last January Teachers in the Turkish held northern Cyprus are fighting the creeping privatisation of education A primary and secondary school attached to the University of the East Mediterranean in Famagusta are being contracted out to the privately owned Turkish education firm, Doga College. Teachers' union leaders believe the plan is then to lay off the Turkish Cypriot teachers and employ cheaper labour from Turkey. Union leaders also fear that the private company has its eye on the profits to be made from the university itself.  The teachers' union is determined to fight the privatisation of education - its leader told the Cyprus Mail: “This is not simply about a school being sold off; it’s about an attack on the community and the assets that belong to that school." The National Unity Party administration in Northern Cyprus has been implementing an austerity and privatisation process which has met stiff resistance from the unions. Earlier this year  unions and  young people demonstrated against government austerity measures which they claimed are being managed by the Turkish government in Ankara. These measures have led among other things to public servants' salaries being cut by 40% - and rising unemployment which is forcing young people to leave the island. The privatisations include the previously state-owned airline and the telecoms industry as well as education.