Swazi Teachers protesting last Year 1200 primary teachers in the Southern African state of Swaziland have been dismissed from their jobs The Swazi Naitonal Association of Teachers (SNAT) is demanding their reinstatement and threatening action if this does not happen. The Education International regional co-ordinator said: “EI will never watch silent education sacrificed on the altar of the crisis. We wish to reaffirm that education is the answer to the current economic and financial crisis. We therefore call on the Swazi authorities not to go back on promise, reinstate teachers, and give them proper training. Considerable financial investment should be made in quality public education, to get well-educated citizens able to make valuable contribution to their society.” For several months from last April,  SNAT was in the forefront of democracy struggles in Swaziland,  where the king rules by decree and lives a millionaire lifestyle while the people live in poverty. SNAT was joined by students,  and the demonstrators were attacked by security forces. Last September the government announced there was no money for schools and SNAT and its supporters took to the streets again, despite more attacks and many arrests by the police.