Oakland teachers are considering strike action in support of the Occupy Oakland protest As we reported last week, the Occupy Oakland protest (part of the global Occupy Walls Street [OWS]) movement was violently attacked by police, deploying tear gas and 'non-lethal' projectiles - first to disperse the camp and then to disperse a demonstration which had been called to protest the violence. As a result of that violence, one protestor - Scott Olsen is still in hospital and unable to speak after receiving head injuries. The protestors are now calling for a general strike in the town on November 2nd, with enthusiatic support from the Secretary of the Labour Council, Josie Camacho, which represents 120 unions in the town. The teachers' union, Oakland Education Association (OEA) has been in the forefront of the protests. Their union president said at the protest last week: "The OEA has long advocated for a fair tax structure that would require corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share to sustain the society from which they profit. Schools, programs for the elderly and disabled, health care for the poor and for children, and other vital public services have all been cut drastically in the past three years. This fight is about economic justice and protecting the poor and middle class. The Occupy Wall Street movement demonstrates that the American public understands how important people like teachers, firefighters and nurses are to society.”  Now in answer to the call for a general strike - the first in Oakland since 1946, the President of the Peralta Federation of Teachers said: "A general strike on the order of the 1946 general strike in Oakland is an ambitious goal, especially in just a few days. It requires groundwork to be laid. There is still much to be determined." The teachers unions are currently going back to discuss the call with their members. To read more on this story, go to: http://www.mercurynews.com/news/ci_19211213