The union for Oakland teachers has voted unanimously to support the call for a general strike on November 2nd The Oakland Education Assocation has put the following statement  on its website:

Occupy Oakland General Strike November 2, 2011

In a unanimous vote on 10/28/11, the OEA Executive Board endorsed Occupy Oakland's November 2 "General Strike/Mass Day of Action" and is urging members to participate in a variety of ways, including taking personal leave to join actions at Frank Ogawa Plaza, doing informational picketing at school sites, and holding teach-ins on the history of general strikes and organizing for economic justice. Faced with growing class sizes and dwindling resources, school closures, and the ongoing attempts of charter management companies to entice Oakland schools to convert to charters, it is critical that we link our struggles with those of the 99% of Americans fighting for social and economic justice. It is simply wrong that banks and corporations are bailed out and continue to reap huge profits, while schools and social services suffer. Join us on November 2nd, in solidarity with Occupy Movements across the globe! WE ARE THE 99%! Betty Olson-Jones OEA President
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