oaxblog3.jpg  Oaxaca teachers protesting against SNTE leadership in 2006 Section 22 of the Mexican Teachers Union in Oaxaca started a 21 day series of strikes and occupations last Tuesday. Oaxaca was the site of a protracted struggle led by teachers against the right wing government of Mexico and its neo-liberal policies in 2006.The main demands of the present actions are the freeing of political prisoners, an end to the political repression of the movement, the handing over of all Oaxacan schools which are presently controlled by the government to the people and new elections within SNTE which has a history of corruption. The leader for life of SNTE, Elba Esther Gordillo was instrumental in betraying the strike in 2006 by creating a rival section - section 59 - of the union to Section 22 and instructing the members to strike break. The actions which started last week are growing every day with community organisations occupying the state petrol corporation which is about to be privatised and one of the government contolled schools, as well as several municipal buildings and an occupation has started in the main square - the centre of the last round of actions in 2006.