mexicoblog.jpg  An Earlier Demonstration in Oaxaca The teachers in the Mexican state of Oaxaca are protesting at the shooting dead of a colleague Antonio Norberto Camacho at the beginning of September Camacho was shot during clashes at a primary school. Teachers, supported by the local community took over courts and other public buildings and set up barricades using overturned lorries. Not only that but Section 22 of SNTE announced that 13,000 schools would be on strike in the first week of September. Their leader Azael Chepi Santiago said they did not want to generate more conflict this year but that the shooting left them no alternative. Teachers and communities mounted a heroic struggle in Oaxaca three years ago to contest neo-liberal reforms. They have the problem not only of facing a vicious  government but also with the fact that their official union is in the hands of the government and ready to use strong arm tactics in order to quell protest. (please see previous posts on Mexico)