Students in the Brazilian state of Goias have been occupying their schools since the end of December to protest the privatisation of 30% of schools in the state, including some which are being handed over to the police. Apparently it is not unusual in Brazil for secondary schools to be run by the police or the army - a practice which is contested by many teachers and by a UN report on human rights.

The young occupiers were inspired by the school occupations in Sao Paulo against school closures, which won a reprieve from the state government for schools threatened with closure. 

Three occupations were violently ejected by police on the 14th January. The occupiers were between 13 and 16 years old. On 25th January, police climbed over the fences of another school and some of the occupiers were badly beaten. In another school, authorities sawed off the gas pipe, exposing students to the risk of explosion.

Many teachers and community members have been supporting the occupations and a group occupied the education offices in the state capital.

This important story has been largely ignored by the media, even in Brazil, but it was reported in detail on the excellent Gobal Voices website.