roger-abrahim-vallejo.jpg  Roger Abrahim Vallejo - Honduran Teacher killed in August Teachers in Honduras continue to be in the leadership of the struggle against the illegal military government Yet another teacher has now been killed as a part of that struggle (see previous posts) He was Elisio Hernandez an anti-coup acitivist and director of the Macualizo rural school.  Meanwhile the following description from the website gives a vivid picture of what life is like for teachers in Honduras who are campaigning for a return to democratic government: 'Caceres, a schoolteacher from La Esperanza, arrived at COFADEH after 21 days in prison. Agustina received the "Teacher of the Year" Award last year for excellence in teaching and is known for her community service with youth gangs. She was sitting on a curb waiting for transport back to her hometown after the celebration in Tegucigalpa to celebrate Zelaya's return when police started beating her. They continued to beat her face after she was handcuffed. She was released from prison after her teachers union posted over $5,000 in bail and [she] is charged with sedition.' In the opinion of the editor of this website it is a matter of the utmost importance that the international teacher trade union movement gives its full solidarity to teachers in Honduras who are campaigning against the illegal government.