Ontario Teachers protesting earlier this Year Teachers in Ontario, Canada, are taking action to resist cuts to members' collective agreements and democratic rights The teachers, who are members of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) are taking action against Bill 115 (typically called the Putting Students First Act), which strips teachers of their collective bargaining rights, cancels promised pay increases and freezes their pay along with other detriments to pay and conditions. The government has also banned public service workers from taking part in organised demonstrations for a two year period. Members of ETFO voted overwhelmingly for strike action and have now started a work to rule. They are supported by the Canadian Teachers Federation, whose spokesperson said in September: “The 200,000 teachers of Canada raise their voices in support of all their Ontario counterparts in their struggle to secure their rights to fair collective bargaining . . An attack against one Member organization is an attack against us all." Schools in the Ontario North-East district will strike on Monday.