Ontario Community College teachers are set for a strike ballot on the 13th January as a result of the failure of negotiations with the college employers The strike will involve the 9000 teachers who work in Community Colleges who are members of the Ontario Public Service Emplyees Union (OPSEU). Although the management is accusing the union of unaffordable wage demands the union insists that the sticking points are mainly about workload. The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) - the umbrella organisation of whtich OPSEU is a part - with 340,000 members across Canada is giving its full support to the teachers. NUPGE President James Clancy said in a statement of solidarity: "It is unfortunate that the employer’s model for the future of college education in Ontario is to cram more students into larger classes, with less faculty time for individual students. This model will turn Ontario’s colleges into diploma factories, where the quantity of graduates is more important than the quality of their education." Teachersolidarity would very much like to hear from teachers in Canada about the problems they are facing. Please email mary@teachersolidarity.com