Teachers and other education workers are on strike today in Lewisham, London, over plans to turn their schools into so-called academies. Academies are similar to US charter schools - they take schools out of locally accountable control and put them in the hands of charities, churches or businesses. They can set their own pay and conditions and their own curricula and there is an aggressive campaign from government to force schools to become academies, particularly by using the uniquely bullying, privatised English inspections system OFSTED. Like charter schools they are at the heart of the corporate 'reform' agenda, under the mantra of school choice.

However there has been sustained resistance to this system from parents as well as teachers, despite all the bullying and despite the fact that all the main political parties standing in the upcoming election are in favour of them, including the Labour party, which introduced them when they were last in power.

Today's strike is at four schools in the borough of Lewisham which has high numbers of children living in poverty. Pickets were held by four unions outside the schools this morning and later in the day, the teachers and their supporters will be holding a protest march in central London. This is only the latest campaign of resistance, there have been too many to report over the last period but you can read about some of the struggles against different aspects of corporate reform in the UK. For more about the struggle against academies, visit the excellent Anti Academies Alliance .

Meanwhile teachers unions and parents are spearheading a campaign against the introduction of so-called baseline testing for four year olds. Yet another stone in the dark edifice of corporate reform, where private companies like Pearson, compete to offer meaningless and punishing tests to early years settings, which will be required by law by 2016, if resistance is unsuccessful. The campaign gives further information about the plans for a boycott of the tests and also a petition to sign against them. The call for a union boycott will be heard at the National Union of Teachers annual conference next month.