It is now over since 43 young student teachers were abducted in Southern Mexico. The teachers were students at Ayotzinapa escuela normal, their whereabouts are still unknown although bone fragments from one are said to have been found in a mass grave.

For the families, friends and teachers campaigning for social justice and millions of people in Mexico, there is no doubt where the blame lies for the outrage – with the government of Pena Nieto, which is involved in a longstanding attack on democratic education, through the so-called Alliance for Quality Education. As well as pursuing corporate education reform, the government is also aggressively neoliberal on the economic front, for example selling off the Mexican extractive industries to international corporations.

The passing of the 100 days has been marked by many different kinds of protests and events both in Mexico and internationally and many more are planned. Last Thursday, teachers in the CNTE union, which is campaigning for democracy both in the teachers' union and in education, organised a protest against a visit by Nieto to Salina Cruz in Mexico. Teachers threw rocks at riot police, who were lined up to stop them protesting, and burned tyres.

Meanwhile on Sunday in the capital, Mexico City, children launched balloons in a traditional ceremony, where the children ask for wishes and gifts to be granted by the three kings in the Christian nativity story. In this case the children asked for the return of the Ayotzinapa 43. As one mother said:  “When I planned to be a mother I never thought that I would need to explain to my 5 year old girl that there are 43 disappeared boys and that the government is implicated and that we are vulnerable.”

On Tuesday, Nieto visited US President Obama in the White House and was met by demonstrators, carrying banners demanding his resignation. In a statement the organisers said: 'In spite of the international outcry, Obama and his administration continue to support the outrageously corrupt and criminal government of Peña Nieto with millions of dollars through Plan Mexico. Therefore, the United States and Obama are also responsible for the current tragedy in Mexico.'

More demonstrations and actions are planned in the coming days and weeks.