Teachers in Parana, Brazil, were attacked by police this week as they protested over changes to their pensions. 20,000 teachers were protesting outside the state parliament in the capital Curbita, when they were attacked by police with rubber bullets and tear gas. Emergency services say that eight are in a serious condition in hospital. 

In February we reported that teachers, other public sector workers and students had forced a retreat on the state government in Parana, when they tried to cut funding for public services. On that occasion, the protesters staged a mass sit-in in the parliament building.

Now however it appears that the government is continuing with its plans to make teachers pay for budget deficits through cuts. In this case, the state is saving $125 million a month by making serving teachers pay towards pensions for retired teachers. Teachers are already on low pay in Brazil and forcing them to pay more in contributions will impoverish them still further. 

The attacks by Brazilian police on teachers are not new, many reports on this site paint a picture of police violence as teachers and others fight for education funding and public services.