Women Teachers protesting in Lahore on Sunday Women teachers working in railways schools in Pakistan are struggling for a living wage and permanent contracts The women work in low income public schools in Pakistan, which were originally set up on railway land for the children of employees. Now the schools have mostly fallen into disrepair and are only attended by those with very low incomes. Meanwhile the women, employed by the railway authorities, are struggling to provide an education on starvation salaries and with temporary contracts. The women earn about $75 a month and many have been working for years with no permanent contract. Hundreds of members of the Pakistan Railways Lady School Teachers Association demonstrated in Lahore this Sunday. One said: “It is a matter related to the fundamental rights of downtrodden Pakistani lady teachers who cannot afford to engage a professional lawyer to fight their case in the court of law. . . How can we meet expenses of food, shelter, transportation and medical facilities for just Rs 7,500 ($75) ? " This is a typical example of the way teachers in the Global South are treated - expected to work in appalling conditions, on poverty pay and on temporary contracts.  Yet documents like 'Making Schools Work' from the World Bank recommend temporary contracts and extracting more 'value for money' for teachers, while at the same time blaming them for the failure to achieve education for all. This website stands foursquare behind the women railway school  teachers of Pakistan in their struggle for justice and admires their long standing devotion to education under such impossible conditions.