Children as young as 12 are still being routinely detained and often mistreated in the occupied territories of Palestine. The latest report by the international NGO, Defence of the Child International (DCI) details many instances of abuse by Israeli security forces of school age children. Many are tied up and blindfolded in night-time raids – taken away from their homes and detained under conditions where commonly parents do not even know where they are being taken. Children are held in degrading conditions, sometimes without water or toilet facilities for many hours, interrogated alone, not informed of their rights and physically or verbally bullied into making a confession – usually to stone throwing. The latest DCI report includes an urgent action appeal for the children of Azzun – a Palestinian village on the occupied West Bank which is surrounded by illegal Israeli settlements. The village has a population of 1700 and since 2009, DCI has documented 40 cases of children being detained. In all these cases the children report some kind of physical abuse from beatings, to in three cases electric shocks and in one case threatening to throw a child out of the window. The youngest child to be arrested was 12 years old. To read the DCI report go to: