Alfresco lesson in the West Bank, during previous protests by teachers & students for education funding

The Palestinian Authority arrested 22 teachers this week for organising a general strike across the West Bank. The teachers are demanding a 10% pay rise which was promised them in 2013. 

One teacher told the press that teachers scrape by on $640 a month. 'All we demand is a decent life' he added. It is estimated that a family living in the West Bank needs over $1300 a month to cover its expenditure. 20,000 striking teachers protested outside the offices of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.

Human rights organisations and opposition politicians in Palestine called for the release of the teachers and demanded that the government respects the teachers' rights to organise.

Reports from last week that the strike had been settled appear to be wrong. Teachers struck yesterday and today and protested outside the education offices. The PA has denied that it had called for volunteers to run the schools during the strike.