Palestinian teachers are in the third week of a strike, demanding that the Palestinian Authority (PA) fufil its 2013 promise to give them a dignified salary. 

Thousands of teachers demonstrated in cities across the occupied West Bank on Tuesday. In Nablus there was a mass sit-in and there were hundreds demonstrating in Hebron and Tulkarem. The teachers are continuing their struggle despite repression from the PA, which has threatened to take 'administrative and legal' action against them. As we reported last week, the PA has also set up checkpoints all over the West Bank in an attempt to stop teachers from reaching demonstrations. 

In a blog post, Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, of Bethlehem University said: 'School teachers are on strike after failed promises for the past 10 years from the Palestinian authority (PA) which spends 43% of its budgets on “security”.' He went on to describe the work being done by his university, working with High Schools to develop the kind of 'curiosity about the world' which is necessary to fight apathy and develop an alternative to the impossible situation in which young Palestinians find themselves.

Palestinian teachers have to fight on two fronts - on the one hand facing brutal occupying forces and on the other a compliant local authority which is also using its funds to oppress them. Yet they continue fighting for their profession and for education. As Professor Qumsiyeh says 'these teachers should be honoured instead.'