Teachers in Panama are continuing with their campaign including strike action, which is entering its third week. The teachers have already won a significant victory in the removal of Decree 920, which according to the unions opened the door to the privatisation of education in the country.

Teachers' leaders however say that a number of other significant issues remain to be resolved. They want the government to review the conditions of school buildings - this has been an ongoing struggle in Panama since at least 2009, when parents and teachers occupied schools to demand that unsafe classrooms and buildings be replaced. The teachers are also demanding the reinstatement of six teachers' leaders who have been sacked as a result of their union activities and an increase in pay of $200 a month, to bring them nearer to the pay of police officers who are paid $800 a month. (Teachers are commonly the poorest paid public servants over much of the Global South.)

Panama is the second most unequal country in Latin America, despite having significant natural resources including the canal and oil. It has close relations with the US, which relies heavily on the canal.