pr2.jpg  Puerto Rico Teachers on Strike in August The Puerto Rico teachers union has issued the following press release: "More than 500 Parents of the Lola Rodriguez de Tio High School in the mountain town of San German decided that they will open up and take control of their school. It was closed just  this past August in order to charter and privatize it." The Puerto Rico Teachers Union (FMPR) was on strike earlier this year against cut backs and sackings which are taking place all over the country as a preliminary to privatisation. Earlier still the union has been in a protracted struggle for its survival against anti union measures by its own government and the machinations of some in union bureaucracies in the US (see previous posts) Now the government is attempting to destroy the teachers' union by bringing charges leading to dismissal against 11 of its executive committee. To send messages of solidarity both with the parents struggling against privatisation and with the teachers please go to and to read more go to: