Swazi Teachers demonstrating last Month Parents and teachers have taken over a school in Swaziland where all 21 teachers had been fired by the government As a result of the determined campaign by the Swaziland National Association of Teachers  for a modest pay rise for teachers and the proper funding of schools by the  government, hundreds of striking teachers were fired. As we have reported on this site, the teachers, together with other public service workers and the students have been engaged in an ongoing struggle for over a year - not only for properly funded public services but also for democracy in the last absolute monarchy in Africa. Meanwhile the International Monetary Fund has told the King and his government that they have to resuce the public sector by a further 7000 jobs, in a situation where a handful of politicians still have huge wage packets and the King lives a life of almost unimaginable luxury. Although according to reports the fired teachers have been reinstated by order of the King, there is much confusion as strike-breaking teachers have also been hired, who have apparently been paid while some properly employed teachers have not been paid for two months. Now teachers and parents at Ngwane Practising Primary School have taken matters into their own hands by occupying the school and running it themselves, while parents have raised money to help the fired teachers who are in serious financial difficulties. School Committee chairman, Mashesha Dlamini told the Swazi Observer: This is no secret; we have taken charge of the school along with all our fired teachers. There was nothing we could do when officials from the ministry decided to act against parents’ dream, that of investing in our children education. In consultation and collaboration with the (fired) teachers, we are calling the shots here and it is working wonders. We feel the devil behind all this is now going to be shamed. We also assure parents and anyone who cares that the school is going to do well even in the exams for the Grade Seven class. The King's last minute intervention to reinstate the fired teachers would seem to be an indication that the teachers and the massive support they have engendered among local communities are winning their case. As Dlanini said at the end of the quote above: "Watch this space!"