Parents have expressed understanding and support for the ongoing teacher strikes in Germany. A parent representative in the large German state of Saxony, that while they are naturally concerned that their children are losing some days of education, 'teachers and parents agree that the teaching profession has got to be more attractive and the quality of teaching improved. Enough well qualified teachers are the only way of ensuring education equality.'

There have been in many parts of Germany over the last week. The teachers' central demand is equality of salary and conditions for all teachers. At present there are two classes of teachers, employed and civil service teachers, with the former having significantly lower pay, higher contributions and less job security. It would be interesting to see a gender breakdown of the two classes of teachers, since it is predominantly primary teachers who are in the less favoured category. However the other determining factor is the state - with teachers in the old GDR also being more often in the less favoured 'employed' category.

More strikes are planned for Wednesday, with 11 states taking action during the latter part of the week, including Saxony, Bremen and the capital, Berlin. Teachers rightly insist that they are not striking for themselves but to ensure good public education, which cannot happen where enough teachers are not employed as is happening in Bremen, or where not enough teachers are applying for posts for instance in Saxony. Parents' leaders in the state are urgently seeking talks with the employers to press their case.