Teachers Portesing last Week We print below an account from some of the teachers involved in the struggle for a living wage in Namibia As we reported yesterday, teachers in Namibia were subject to the threat of being dealt with by the police as they pursued their struggle. The account below from some of the teachers, gives a chilling picture of the kind of treatment they can expect. Please send solidarity messages by leaving a comment  on this site and/or sending a message to this email address: magnela2@yahoo.com
On thursday the 1st November, many reports were published on the Oshana striking teachers arrest. Those reports were somehow not a true reflection of everything that transpired on that faithfull day the 31st october 2012.
 The Oshana Teachers have agree to meet at the Oshakati Independence Stadium as a starting point to host a peacefull demostration in solidarity with the windhoek striking teachers. The plan was only to meet there and march to our NANTU office in oshakati. The stadium was booked the previous day the 30 october 2012 and permission was granted. Upon teachers arrival at the stadium, we were told by the lady on duty that it unfortunate, but we cannot make use of the stadium any longer and we must leave immediately as her manage gave her the instruction. As professional we agreed to leave the stadium and assemble infront to wait for the arrival of other colleagues.
 while we stood there in just 10 minute of moving out of the stadium we saw police cars arriving, the cars incuded that of Mr K. Theron the chief commander of sOshana and other polie officer. the cars were 4 in total. the called one of the teachers and instructed him to tell the rest of us to leave immediately. We as the commander were to go as that place was our meeting point and we will continue to NANANTU office. The commander did not tell us were to go, but he said we are not allowed within the municipality area he also stated that he is giving us a limited time to vacate the municipality area. we told him we will go out of Oshakati and find a place were we can carry out our meeting on the way forward which he agreed and said aslong as its not within the municipality area he doesnt have a problem. when we drove some police officers followed us to see where we were headed too.
 we drove out of town to a resting tree on the Oshakati and Okahao road. While we were ther we called different MEDIAS to cover our meeting. Only newspapers journalis turned up. After some time the same police car that followed us came and inform us to park all our cars on one side of the road. the teachers did us he have instructed us to. they came back after we park the cars on one side and told us again that we are to close to the road and we should move toward the fence. we again did that, after we were done the car came back again and told us NO he received a comman from his office that we must leave the tree as we have assemble on a public place ILLEGAL. we ask him where than should we go which is not public place and it wont be ILLEGAL? He didnt answer us instead he went and park on the side of the raod were he told us to move from. In just 20 minutes we saw police cars arriving one by one and parking on that very same side they didnt want us to park. The cars were about 13 in total and one big Van. The Chief commander Mr K. Theron came out and order the police officers to form aline on the road. after that he started speaking to us saying we have 5 minute to leave and no questions. He than demanded to speak to the Organizer and He was told that we dont have a specific organizer as this stared in windhoek .
 He went back into his car drove it toward us and park it in the middle of th eroa. the stared ordeing the rest of the police offices to park some of the cars in the road aswell and block that particular sppace. he also instructed the police officers to surround us, they were armed with tear gas, rubber bullets you name them all. we stood together as colleagues and some went to sit in teir cars.
 After his instructions and commands to other on what to do, he spoke over the microphone fitted in the car that we have 10 minutes and it start right away for us to leave. He move toward us grab one male colleaque in the belt infront for what reason I dont know as I couldnt hear what the conversation was about. From there they started pointing at individuals using force to arrest us, although we were not resisting arrest.
 One of the Lady arrested was sitting in her car and got arrested also. Their WORDS were. "That one talk too much." We were kept in the Van from 11:30 until past 12 when we arrived at the charge office. due to the traffic flow as the started asking other unarrested collleaques for driving licence and also ordering than to drive straight to their houses and not to follow us to the police office.
We even saw the police officers in special force uniform clapping one meme.
 We were takin to the charge office and kept there for about 3 more hours. One of us was taken away from us and later on they fech the rest of us. They didnt question us, instead they replemanted us. The chief commander stated that he have written down charges on paper, but they wont open a case against usand we are free to go. We demanded to know what make them arrest us, but we were not provided with any answers. the lady in a dress stated that she is a mother, a teacher, a professinal and a namibian how will she explain this to her child and learners? the answer she got was she is not professional as she sit in a way that the police officers saw between her two legs. And then they statedthat we were arrested because we are the STRONG ones and we talk too much. During this arrest the Chief commander took a cellphone of a colleaque for taking a picture while we are in the charge office he went with it and erase all the pictures taken during the whole event at the tree and not only the photo the colleaque took insside the charge office.
 We wanted to ask question in related to our arrest, but were told to leave as our colleaques were chased away from stading infront of the police office and the have assemble on another tree on the road to Okatana waiting for our release and for the commissioner to address us.
 We went to that tree to join the rest of the colleaques and waited until 17:30n for the commisioner to come and ADDRESS us, but we saw nobody there except Police cars that were patroling we guess as they neither came close to us.
 This is what really happen on that one very faithfull day in the History of our country that many died and fought for to gain independence and Now we a treated like strangers by our own very people who also went for liberaton of this country.
 compiled by the arrested teachers.