Global education technology giant Pearson Always [L]earning is in Dubai to help the 'Arab world' order its education priorities. They are fronting a conference of 'education experts', 'to discuss how education can be improved to better prepare learners for future workforce needs.'

In his keynote address, Frank Edwards of Pearson, announced that there was a mismatch between education in the 'Arab world' and the needs of employers: 'Life in the 21st Century is very different to life in the 20th Century,' he helpfully informed everyone, 'and our education systems and the way we teach and learn needs to better reflect this remarkable transformation of humankind. We can no longer continue to provide learners with a one-dimensional, single disciplinary approach to education and expect them to thrive in a dynamic, rapidly changing work environment.'

Nor does the helpfulness of Pearson end there. It also helpfully is the only sponsor of this conference in the United Arab Emirates. No doubt, when talking about the 'rapidly changing work environment' Frank has in mind that of the UAE, famous throughout the world for its use of bonded immigrant workers, who labour in blistering heat to create the dystopia which is modern Dubai. It is good to know that he and his fellow plutocrats are working with other education experts to prepare humankind for this 21st century life.