In this great video, campaigners for properly funded public education explain what is happening to their city and how they are fighting it. The Philadelphia school board closed 24 public schools in 2013, despite mass protests and impassioned pleas at public meetings for them to change their minds. By 2017 they are planning to close 64 schools. These cuts have an impact predominantly on low income children. They were recommended by the Boston Consultancy Group and stem from a massive cut in the state public education budget of $1.1 billion in 2011.

Even those schools which are staying open are short of staff, with no nurses, few counsellors, massive cuts in break supervision staff and insufficient teachers. Meanwhile as schools are being shuttered and starved of cash, the prison building programme is booming.

The campaigners in Philadelphia however are determined to continue the fight, a particular feature of which has been the tremendously vocal and well organised Students Union. As one student put it, 'Nobody gives you a voice, you've got to go take it.' Students wearing T shirts saying 'Our City, Our Schools, Our Voice' demonstrated en masse and demanded to be heard.

Like ordinary people and communities all over the world, including my own, the people of Philadelphia have realised that democracy is not working for them. They are not being listened to by those in power, who start from a position which is favourable to corporations and the corporate agenda and who are indifferent to the lives of ordinary people, particularly those from low income or minority groups. The students, parents, concerned community members and teachers of Philadelphia give us an inspirational view in this short film of the possibilities of struggle.