campic.jpg  Cambodian Teachers Demonstrate on Worrld Teachers' Day Teachers in the Philippines were aggressively blocked by security forces when they tried to demonstrate last Tuesday Police cordoned off teachers - members of the teachers union ASSERT (Action and Solidarity for the Empowerment of Teachers) blocking them from public view and separating them into two groups. T shirts and placards carrying slogans like 'stop commodifying education: Defend free public education' were removed. Education International has condemned the actions of the security forces: Teachers in the Philippines are fighting large scale privatisation and the rights of trade unionists are under violent attack in the country. See previous post: Meanwhile in Cambodia, teachers were also blocked from celebrating World Teachers Day last week. Police blockaded them in outside the headquarters of their union Cambodian Independent Teachers Association (CITA). Meanwhile an opposition politician has tabled a motion calling for teachers' salaries to be raised to $237 per month. Conditions in education are very poor in Cambodia with 37% of schools having no tiolet facilities, an average class size of 50 and less than 30% enrollment in secondary school.