The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), in the Philippines, is facing intensified repression and needs international support.

The attacks come in the midst of a crackdown against unions and civil society organisations in the country. One ACT leader has been jailed and the union fears more arrests may be coming. ACT was forced to close an office temporarily to ensure the security of its staff, members and officers.  Raymond Basilio, ACT General Secretary, has received multiple death threats since January 2019. The teacher union is red-tagged by the Duterte government. Union activists are unlawfully profiled by the Philippine National Police and put on lists of 'terrorists'. Two ACT teachers were recently shot at in their classroom by masked men, in the presence of their students.
Education International has expressed its concern and has asked teachers and union members globally to write to the government expressing alarm and opposition to these attacks on human and trade union rights  in the Philippines.