philblog2.jpg  Street Children in Manila Antonio Tinio - leader of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) in the Philippines has said that the Philippines is as dangerous a place for trade unionists as Colombia. Tinio has been visiting the Candian public service union CUPE  as part of their global justice campaign. He reported that under neo-liberal President Gloria Arroyo workers rights are being trampled for the sake of foreign investors as she brings in policies of unbridled privatisation. The education sector has been hit particularly hard with fees at universities increasing by 300% last year - pricing all but the richest young people out of higher education. Tinio said that, 'This period has seen the linking of universities with big corporations. The University of the Philippines has leased a lot of land to corporations, and we’re seeing a lot of call centres and business outsourcing within the campus.” Teachers wages have been frozen. Since Arroyo came to power 1009 activists have been murdered including three members of the ACT since the middle of the decade. One teacher was shot in front of his class. Tinio appealed for solidarity from teachers around the world. Read more at: