Teachers in the Philippines are to stage a sit-down strike tomorrow. They are demanding that the government honours its duty to give them a salary which, according to the so-called Magna Carta for teachers which is enshrined in law, will ensure 'a reasonable standard of life for themselves and their families.' Teacher's salaries should also be commensurate with salaries for similar professions. The union is also demanding the resignation of the government of President Benigno Aquino III.

At present a starting teacher earns just over $400 a month and teachers have not had a pay rise since 2009. Instead the government has brought in a damaging system of performance related pay, which has involved teachers in hours of extra paperwork and stress and fostered a competitive instead of a collaborative environment. And, while the government is hiring more teachers, it is not paying those already in post an adequate salary, leaders of the teaching union Alliance of Concerned Teachers, say. As a result they are calling their 200,000 members out on strike tomorrow. 

The ACT has called on its members to go into school, but instead of teaching the curriculum, they will hold a lesson on the need to address teachers' pay and the state of the public school system in the country. Teachers undertook a similar activity last November, when they taught lessons on political corruption and its effects on the education system. Their actions garnered wide support.