Riot Police arrest a young Student in Santiago University and high school students in Chile have been attacked as they continued with their battle for free public education in the country Up to 100 people were arrested in clashes with riot police yesterday as they demanded that the government stop subsidising private education and instead fund public schools which can be attended by everyone.  Police attacked the young demonstrators with water cannon and tear gas. According to local reports at least 70,000 joined the protests. Human rights opbservers told the Santiago Times: "Excessive amounts of tear gas and water cannons were used. There were too many police here today. (There was) very little respect for human rights today. We have just witnessed three completely illegal arrests of protesters for no motive." Amongst other things, some student leaders are calling on people to boycott the upcoming elections. One student said: "We know that elections won't change anything this is why they are calling to vote null or not vote. The government is not going to give us anything. If we want something we have to fight for it." Students, high school students and teachers have been involved in a long campaign to turn back the tide of privatisation of education which was first tried out in Chile by neo-liberal ideologues from Chicago under the dictator Augusto Pinochet. The scenes in Santiago are reminiscent of those happening in Athens and Madrid as students, teachers and communities fight back against the imposition of cuts and privatisation on their countries.