London Vigil for Swaziland A demonstration in Swaziland in support of the teachers' strike was brutally attacked by security forces on Friday A thousand strong meeting of parents had vowed to march with the teachers last Friday. They passed the following resolutions: n Complete removal of Circular No1/2010 (which removes taxation from politicians' allowances) n All parents should support and rally behind the march organised by SNAT (Swaziland National Aaasociation of Teachers) tomorrow (Friday, the 6th July 2012). n Unconditional withdrawal of all criminal charges against SNAT members. n The teachers’ strike affects all members of society hence TUCOSWA, civil society and all stakeholders should rally behind SNAT as it is a national problem. n Parents further resolved that there is a need for a people centred government to replace the current one. n Parents resolved that government should immediately resolve the impasse with teachers by finding a common ground through negotiations to enable children to return to school by Monday, July 9, 2012. The parents and teachers are in the forefront of a much wider struggle for democracy in that country as the penultimate resolution makes clear. On Friday the security forces of absolute monarch King Mswate II  attacked the protesting teachers and parents, even as they were dispersing, firing teargas at them and chasing them with batons, beating protestors and bystanders alike, according to reports. Friday's demonstration signalled the start of an indefinite strike until the teachers' demands are met.