andhra-pradesh.jpg A Class without a Classroom in Andhra Pradesh  Teachers and other government workers were prevented by police road blocks from reaching demonstrations in Hyderabad this week The teachers from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh were trying to reach demonstrations in the capital organised by the Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers, Workers and Pensioners (JAC). Thousands of strikers were detained by police but despite this there was a massive demonstration in Hyderabad. The JAC has an eleven point plan including the filling of 400,000 government vacancies across the state, the ending of outsourcing and an end to the apprentice system for teachers - which means teachers are employed on short term for low salaries. A spokesperson for JAC accused the government of ignoring the welfare of its million employees. The state of Andhra Pradesh has been a testing ground for World Bank policies - with the government embracing structural adjustment programmes which have involved cutting public spending and the introduction of user fees including in education. The cutting of subsidies and the liberalisation of trade has also caused misery to the families of children in the state with thousands of farmers committing suicide as their farms become unviable. Meanwhile teachers are having to work in appalling conditions as a result of underspending on pulbic services encouraged by the same World Bank which is pushing the SSA (Education for All) agenda. It is against this background that teachers and other public servants are taking up the fight for properly resourced and staffed public services.