Demonstrating in Portugal Today Teachers are joining a general strike in Portugal today against government cuts Education in Portugal has been cut by 10%, while both active and retired teachers and other public servants stand to lose one seventh of their annual pay. Unions representing both public and private sector workers are on strike today, with airports at a standstill, hospitals taking emergencies only and of course schools closed. Workers at Lisbon Airport carried banners saying 'The Strike is General! The Attack is Global!' The same International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is imposing these cuts and tax rises on Portugal has done the same in Greece and Ireland and is shaping up to do so in other countries in the Eurozone - and of course as post after post on this website demonstrates it has been imposing public spending cuts on countries in the Global South for years, with disastrous effects. In countries throughout Europe, governments are attempting to counter the effects of international bond traders gambling on sovereign debt, by pouring more and more public money into the bottomless pit created by the behaviour of the banks as they dreamed up totally artificial currency out of obscure financial instruments like Credit Default Swaps. Although to most public service workers and users the murky world of international finance is opaque - we all know that our money and our services are being stolen from us to shore up the banks, which continue to pay massive bonuses to their senior staff and directors. As a result of this, teachers and other workers are making it more and more clear that they are not taken in by the argument that cuts are inevitable. So we are seeing massive strikes - both in Portugal this week and in the UK next week for instance, the strikes are the biggest which have been seen for decades. For a very good source of information about the financial markets and their effects go to this website: