Seven children were drowned when a tornado hit an elementary school in Oklahama USA, yesterday. Two schools were hit by the massive tornado, which killed 24 people and injured many others.

Three children survived when a teacher shielded them with her body as they were all crushed by a car according to . Many other reports talk of actions by teachers at the Plaza Towers elementary school, which saved the lives of pupils. One little boy said, 'Then we were all in cover. A teacher took cover of us, Miss Crosswhite. She was covering me and my friend Zachary. I told her we were fine because we were holding on to something then she went over to my friend Antonio and covered him. So she saved our lives.'

Seven chldren died at the school, which had no hurricane shelter, a common element in tragedies of this sort, where a failure of adequate buildings causes schools to collapse and children and teachers to die unnecessarily - most recently in the of 2010.