Previous Hunger Strike in Pakistan by unemployed Teachers Teachers in Lakki Marwat, Pakistan have threatened to commit suicide if their salaries are not paid The group of 50 teachers have not been paid for ten months and are unable to survive - even though they have been carrying out their duties at their respective primary schools every day. They have threatened to set up a camp where they will go on hunger strike and self immolate if they are not paid. This is by no means the only case that this website has found of teachers in the Global South being unpaid for months, nor of teachers going on hunger strike or even committing suicide because of the way in which they are treated (see recent posts on Turkey, Morocco and India for example). Indeed another group of teachers in Quetta, Pakistan  has just called off a hunger strike after successful negotiations - but not before the health of 6 of the teachers had seriously deteriorated. This was about the failure to honour pay agreements as well as failure to improve the conditions of school buildings .  The desperation which can cause teachers to risk or  even take their own lives is a tragic proof of their determination to function as teachers despite overwhelming odds and is a stinging rejoinder to World Bank documents such as Making Schools Work - which blame teachers for the fact that education for all cannot be reached in a world dominated by corporations, banks and hedge funds.