greekblog.jpg  People Demonstrating in Greece Primary teachers in Greece are to strike with the Civil Service union ADEDY on February 10th The Greek state is in an unprecedented crisis with a massive budget deificit and is under presuure both from the European Union and from the finacne sector to cut its deficit. As in many othe countries across Europe - the government proposes to do that by freezing public service pay, attacking their employment rights and their pensions. The European Commission has endorsed the Greek government's plan to cut their deficit below 3% by the end of 2012 but has told it to take further steps to cut public sector pay. Yesterday in response the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou extended the pay freeze to those earning less than 2000 euros a month. At the end of 2008 when the world economic crisis hit banks worldwide the Greek government provided the banks with a $28 billion bailout package. Now the public sector including education is expected to pick up the tab. This reflects the treatment of public services in the Global South - where governments are coerced by the International monetary Fund (IMF) into cutting public spending in order to mitigate their debts. Just as in those countries, teachers are in the forefront of fighting this unjust attack on education - its teachers and pupils.