isblog.jpg  Dr Shimshon Shoshani Shimshon Shoshani has been appointed chief of the ministry education under the right wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu Shoshani has a history of introducing a raft of neo-liberal 'reforms' into education including part privatisation, open enrollment, local management of funds, performance related pay and so on. The article at this link gives a copy book description of the havoc that such reforms wreak on the education of marginalised children in particular. It also shows how these kind of reforms masquerade as means to improve education for the children most in need of help. The mantra of parental 'choice' is presented as though it were there to help the weakest - whereas in fact it serves exactly the opposite function - to allow those who already have most power to extract top value from the state education system. As the article says about one particularly clever policy - which allows parents of weaker children extra teaching hours which they can then use at a school of their choice: "Did the situation of these children improve, in the wake of their “free” choice of school? Did fewer students drop out? Did they attain higher educational achievements? Already now we know of one fundamental thing that directly harms these children, and that is the fact that they are cut off from the community. And, in the end, the community is the strongest support that weakened children have. Not parents as individuals, but the community as a pressure group that can support children. We can also assume that in the end, the child will eventually return to the weakened school. This is because in the strong school, the increased teaching hours will not be for the private use of the weakened student, but will become part of the overall school offerings. Thus. the center of the strong school will continue to be toward the strong population to which it must give account, and not to the minority of weakened students." To read the whole article go to this link: