Teachers picketing in Jordan Jordan's teachers were joined by pro-democracy activists in a demonstration on Friday. In the demonstration, which was designated 'Friday in Support of Teachers and Tenants', youth and pro-democracy groups showed their support for the teachers' struggle - now in its second week - for a living wage.  Popular Youth Movement organiser, Assam Al Khawaja told the Jordan Times: “There are over 150,000 teachers across the country who are struggling to make ends meet. Education is a service for all Jordanians, which makes the teachers’ cause a national cause and one that has been a priority for the pro-reform movement since day one.” The teachers welcomed the support of activists, said Ahmed Jassreh of the Amman Teachers Committee:“We will not back down from our demands and we welcome the participation and support of all groups and all citizens to help us secure our basic rights." There were joint demonstrations in other cities too, with demonstrators also calling for justice for tenants, many of whom are faced with eviction as a result of a new law and also an end to corruption. The Amman Teachers Committee has called for the resignation of the Education Minister who threatened to draft in retired teachers or teachers from military schools to replace the striking teachers. There are reports that women teachers in particular have been put under huge pressure not to strike, but the union says that most girls' schools are nevertheless supporting the strike call.