The protest movement in Valencia, Spain grew yesterday as pupils at the Luis Vives school were joined by parents The protests are against education cuts in Valencia and were violently attacked last week by police. Yesterday, February 20th, 26 students were detained including some children. According to El Pais 50 police vehicles were used against the students. The president of the Valencia Federation of High School Students was himself held by the police and says he was also struck by them. There are many videos on the net of peacefully protesting students being attacked by police - one of which is shown above this post. Parents gathered outside the police station to demand the release of their children. One mother told El Pais: “Agent 97754 grabbed my daughter by the throat and threw her to the floor." According to reports on the internet, the regional police called the students: 'the enemy'. There has been outrage in the Spanish media at the tactics of the police against the young people and solidarity demonstrations are planned in Barcelona and Madrid