puerto-rico.jpg  Student knocked unconscious by police Students in Puerto Rico took part in a massive demonstration this week The demonstration come after a 62 day strike and occupation (see previous post)  was ended, when students ratified an agreement which apparently granted them all their demands including a stop to privatisation, no increases to tuition fees and no victimisation of students involved in the strike. The students' action had been supported by the local communities and workers had organised a general strike in their support. Students had set up encampments at the gates of Puerto Rican universities and local people brought them supplies. Now however the university has reneged on the agreements it made with the students- appointing four new pro-privatisation trustees, increasing fees by $800 from next January and taking action against students who had taken part in the strike. To protest this betrayal, he students demonstrated in front of the state legislature but were beaten back with great brutality by police who knocked one student unconscious and beat others. The students were attacked by mounted police and one passing family had their car windscreen smashed by police when they expressed support for the students. The long campaign has been marked by police brutality throughout with police threatening to break up the encampments by force. A demonstration has been called to take place today in front of police headquarters to protest against police brutality. For more details and video footage of Wednesday's demo go to http://occupyca.wordpress.com/