An earlier Rally of Teachers in the Punjab A young teacher has died of her injuries after setting herself alight in the Indian state of Punjab The teacher, Kiranjit Kaur, aged 27 was protesting with her colleagues for the regularisation of their contracts and for entry into the elementary teacher training scheme. Hundreds of teachers demonstrated in support of the demands and when they heard of Kaur's death, hurled stones at the police. The teachers are employed under the World Bank SSA (Education for All) programme. Teachers across India, including in the Punjab have taken action frequently in the last few years against underpayment and use of temporary contracts. Previous posts on this site have described some of these actions, which have included demonstrations and hunger strikes - nor is this the first time that a young teacher has burned herself to death because of this issue . The employment of so-called 'contract' teachers on low salaries and with no security of tenure is common throughout India and throughout the Global South and is actively promoted by the World Bank as a means of getting 'Edcuation for All' on the cheap. The terrible stories of young people burning themselves to death in the struggle against this practice show the degree of misery caused by such policies to teachers who passionately wish to pursue their career in teaching without the stress of wondering whether they will have enough to eat and whether they will have a job next week. Similar forces are at work across the Global South, indeed the desparation of young people to find meaningful employment has been a major factor in precipitating the demonstrations which are presently rocking the Arab world to its foundations.