Police attacking Demonstrating Teachers in Pakistan last Year Teachers in the Punjab, Pakistan are on hunger strike to press their demands The teachers have set up a camp in front of the Punjab Assembly. They are demanding an increase in salary so that they can afford to live under conditions of high inflation. They are also demanding a better promotion system and that primary schools should have headteachers and sufficient staff to be able to function properly. Another demand is an end to the use of teachers for work which is nothing to do with their jobs like election duties and census taking. This is a problem in India as well as Pakistan, where teachers miss weeks of school because they are forced to do extraneous duties, with the threat of imprisonment if they refuse. This can make it impossible for them to do their jobs in the way they would like to. To make matters worse theyare then blamed in reports by bodies like the World Bank for being absent from school. As well as a hunger strike by some teachers, they are also planning a long march to culminate in a demonstration outside the education offices on March 28th